Learning Moments Spotlight: a beautiful Sunset

If you’re dreaming of warmer weather and a beautiful sunset, take a look at Juan Flamenco’s photo taken in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The photo was taken at Puerto La Libertad, El Salvador. My brother and his son were enjoying both the beach and the sunset.

Submitted by Juan Flamenco, a teacher in San Salvador, El Salvador.

School/Institution: Universidad Jose Simeon Canas

What makes this photo a learning moment? Tell us how you might use this photo in your class.

I can use this photo in a Pre-speaking activity. I would show the photo to my students and I would ask them to describe it. Besides that, I would ask them if they would like to visit Puerto La Libertad which is located in El Salvador.

Rubén Salgado’s Comments:

A very classical image but what a beautiful sunset! I especially like that you captured the silhouettes of the adult and the child. They both tell a story and this is what makes this image interesting for me. Although the resolution isn’t great, it’s not about how modern or fancy the camera is, it’s about the idea behind the image and the moment you grabbed.

Author: National Geographic Learning

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