Learning Moments: Playing the Drums

Our next Learning Moments featured photo was submitted by Krystyna Jakubowicz from Poland and features her son. Read on to find out what makes this photo a learning moment!

playing the drums
The photo was taken in a garden. In the photo, you can see my son playing the “drums” which are just buckets with water.

Photo submitted by Krystyna Jakubowicz from Konin, Poland.

School/Institution: UNILINGUA

What makes this photo a learning moment? Tell us how you might use this photo in your class.

It is a learning moment because it shows how children learn and experience their life. I could use this photo while talking about hobbies or who my students wanted to be when they were kids. It is also a good starting point for a discussion about whether kids need toys or not.

Rubén Salgado’s comments: 

“Beautiful moment captured, it’s tender and playful. I like the shapes of the buckets, repetition of shapes keeps my eye looking at the child.”

Author: National Geographic Learning

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