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Learning Moments Selected photo: Cookie the Cat and Mocha the Dog

Who doesn’t love an animal selfie? Check out this week’s highlighted Learning Moment, submitted by Margarita Kosior from Greece featuring two of her furry friends, Cookie and Mocha!

My pets are my family and loyal friends. In this picture, you can see Cookie, the cat, and Mocha, the dog, my former stray girls, “taking a selfie” on our balcony!

This photo was submitted by Margarita Kosior from Thermi, Greece.

What makes this photo a learning moment? Tell us how you might use this photo in your class.

The lesson could start with questions such as:

Are you on social media? Do you post selfies?
How to write a successful caption and hashtags for a picture?

Then, students imagine that the two pets, Cookie and Mocha, are on social media, and they write two captions for the pets’ “selfie”: one from Cookie’s perspective and one from Mocha’s, and add hashtags. Then, they discuss the idea of starting a social media account for a pet. The fun interaction between the two pets makes this image a learning moment.

Rubén Salgado’s comments: 

I chose this image not only because it has a terribly cute dog and cat, which I know are very popular on social media platforms, but there are also interesting elements happening in this image. Firstly, it looks as if both animals literally wanted to be in the picture, one staring out of curiosity and the other posing proudly in the back. The dog’s body makes a line that makes us naturally look into the cat’s eyes, it’s a funny scene that makes one smile. I definitely did.

Author: National Geographic Learning

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