Learning Moments: teaching present continuous

We’re back with more Learning Moments photos! This week’s highlighted photo was taken by Lilly Anastasiou from Athens, Greece. Read on to learn what makes this photo great for teaching the present continuous. Let us know if you try it out with your students!

Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece.

Photo submitted by Lilly Anastasiou from Athens, Greece. 

School/Institution: Iordanakeion

What makes this photo a learning moment? Tell us how you might use this photo in your class.

People are visiting an important sight in Athens. Some of them are sitting still, some others are observing, and some are moving around. Ideal for teaching Present Continuous.

Rubén Salgado comments: 

I like that you were trying to play with shapes here. The diagonals of the shadows work very well, pointing at the people in the scene. Also, there are many cues that tell me where I am, informative and dynamic.

Author: National Geographic Learning

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