Learning moments: making tortillas

This next Learning Moment is sure to make you hungry. This photo, submitted by Alma Lorena De Armas, from Guatemala, shows a woman making tortillas by hand for breakfast in Tecpán, Guatemala. Read on to find out how you could use this photo in your classroom.

A woman making tortillas by hand for breakfast in Tecpán, Guatemala.

Submitted by Alma Lorena De Armas from Guatemala

School/Institution: CALUSAC

What makes this photo a learning moment? Tell us how you might use this photo in your class.

We might teach about different traditional breakfasts around the world. One of these is the tortillas made by hand compared with the ones made by a machine. I would talk about the process: first, we have a seed, then the corn, and finally how we get the corn dough to finally get a tortilla. For most people “tortilla con sal” is a kind of breakfast.

Rubén Salgado’s comments: 

I like various aspects of this image. Firstly, the subtle and quiet natural light that spills onto the scene gives it a poetic feel. Secondly, the hands, one still and the other in movement flipping the tortillas give life to the food.

Author: National Geographic Learning

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