National Geographic Learning Author Hugh Dellar on Spoken English

Interview: Hugh Dellar on Speaking Out for Spoken English

Listen to Hugh Dellar talk about his thoughts on spoken English, how YouTube can actually be useful in English language teaching, and how it’s OK to let your students speak at a higher level!

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Author: Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar grew up on the south coast of England and in South London and graduated in English Literature from Goldsmith’s College, part of the University of London, in 1991. Like many native speakers, he then drifted into language teaching, only really becoming serious about it during a four-year stint in Indonesia in the mid-90s.

He returned to London to do his DELTA and then an MA TESOL and moved soon afterwards into coursebook writing. He worked initially with Michael Lewis and Jimmie Hill, the two men behind The Lexical Approach, a book that influenced him enormously.

In his (far too limited) free time, he continues to play in a band, The Beatpack; he writes for a music magazine and DJs occasionally; he reads voraciously and enjoys cooking!

Hugh Dellar and his writing partner Andrew Walkley are also the authors of Teaching Lexically and the coursebook series Outcomes.


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