Learning Moments selected photo: Motorcyclist, sunset and an amazing view

In the spirit of bringing together educators around the world, we invited teachers of English to take part in a photo showcase called Learning Moments, by sharing photos of their everyday life. We then asked National Geographic Contributing Photographer, Rubén Salgado, to select a few Learning Moments to highlight from the showcase.


In his final post of the Learning Moments blog series, National Geographic Contributing Photographer, Rubén Salgado shares some of his tips for capturing an engaging moment. Once you’ve read the post, be sure to share some of your photos with us by participating in the Learning Moments Showcase. We’ve gone over


Bring the World into Your Classroom Through Photography

For over a century, students have had opportunities to learn about far off places through pictures brought back by intrepid explorers venturing across the globe. The world learned about the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu through the images of explorer Hiram Bingham and saw the view from Mount Everest after